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     23 mm, 1 mm.

     Breastfeeding mother. Copper farthing-half-penny token Dr. Stuart's Private Medical Establishment, Glasgow.


     Copper farthing or half-penny token (23mm.) of Dr. Stuart's Private Medical Establishment issued in1841, Glasgow.
Obverse : Doctor taking the pulse of a patient.
Reverse : Woman breast feeding a baby.
Dr. Stuart's Private Medical Establishment was situated at 39 Maxwell Street in Glasgow
Local advertising: Dr. Stuart's Private Medical Establishment in nineteenth century Glasgow offering midwifery and nursing among other services is represented by a bare-breasted woman with an infant on her lap on one side of a half-penny token while the other side gives the street address and shows Dr. Stuart taking a seated man's pulse.
Tokens that look and feel like coins. Local authorities - in the case of medicine, towns, hospitals, charities or old age homes, even individual pharmacists and physicians - have produced tokens as money-substitutes, when for some reason, there is a desire to control strictly or to limit their circulation.


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