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Virtual Museum of Breastfeeding

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Admission to the Museum is free.
Through the info panel at the Entrance of the Museum (right) you may access to the directions on how to visit the Museum. Based on time availability you may choose to visit the entire Museum (click on Comprehensive Visit-Entrance of Museum) or Visit a section of your interest or go to Room of Advanced Search.
Every section has been compiled into galleries and indexed by continent, country and year of production. Once you had reached the entrance of a specific section or gallery a sign at right will show you where you are and what to do to proceed. Once again, depending on time availability you may visit the section thoroughly or choose a gallery with your favorite continent, country or year of production.
If desired, you may switch to other section by clicking on “Switch to Section – Entrance of Museum” at the bottom of info panel. You’ll be then directed to the Entrance of Museum where you may introduce your selection at the info panel as wanted.
Once you have entered the room, while watching an item of your interest, the info panel is not viewed any longer since it has remained at the entrance of room. In order to get orientated, you may access again to it by clicking on the back bottom of your Internet Navigator, or, if desired, to switch to other Section or ensue a new search. You may also click on a small pop-up flap that displays a small emergency menu located at the left top of the room.

All item related files contain the identification data of the item itself (Section, Continent, Country, Year of production, stuff from which it has been made-out, size (height and width) in millimeters) and either a brief or detailed description with historic and cultural characteristics. In the same file there is a miniature image of every item.
Below this miniature image there are two small icons: a loupe and a printer. By clicking on printer you may have a printed copy of the item. By clicking on loupe you may have a complete all-screen view of the item. After having shut-down it, you’ll return to the previous view. If a sign (+) appears on the loupe means that other related images are shown in addition to the amplified one.

You may get into the interesting Search Room from panels located at right of the Entrance of Museum, Section or Galleries, and, from the small emergency pop-up menus located inside the rooms. The Search Room aloud you looking for available data by a brief description of the item, e.g. if you are looking for a subject about Leonardo da Vinci or Andrea de Solario or related to the WHO’s GOBI Program: it’s enough to write down Vinci or Salorio or GOBI on the field “Description” and select by all, continent, country or year. You‘ll then retrieve a view that is organized and grouped at your own convenience.

This is very intuitive and efficient way of searching: Let’s have a try.


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