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Virtual Museum of Breastfeeding

Policy of the Museum. Overall Conditions.

Thelasmos and Thelasmos Gallery are registered brands. Thelasmus is a non-profit organization.
Our immediate goal is to give support to the diffusion of Breastfeeding Culture as a matter of artistic expression of humankind.
Our ultimately goal is the reappraisal of Breastfeeding as a cultural and biological excellence of humankind, which is mandatory for an optimal bio-psycho-physical development of both children and mothers in every society.

Over the last 150 years, western societies have intended to deny their origin and dismissed an important part of human culture in behalf of a technological and “scientistic” point of view that is, otherwise, far away from real Culture and Science. Breastfeeding has suffered the stress of this trend because of the wide spread assumption that artificial substitutes are a truly alternative of human milk, but in fact they are not. So far it has rendered Breastfeeding almost in danger of extinction. As a result, damage among women and their siblings has been huge, compounding a circle of death and misery in both affluent and spoiled world.

These ideas apart, it is not intended at Telasmus to offer merchandise for selling. The aim to create a store at our Museum, offering high quality images, is a temptation that we do not reject at all, if we would take under consideration the request of numerous visitors, though, it is still a desire at the present.
On he other hand, we are willing to buy or accept the donation of items. Ideas, suggestions and remarks on mistakes are welcome. Information about valuable items should be gratefully accepted and conditions to purchase. Please address your messages to us through the Suggestions and Questions Section.


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